Upon moving to the Caribbean, having lived in the UK and Bahrain, the founders of DSG Caribbean noticed a significant gap in available legal resources concerning the Caribbean. Whilst the founders were fortunate enough to work at an institution with a Law Library, much of the access to resources depended solely on the link with the library. This link also placed heavy reliance on paper-based formats, which needed to be sourced and scanned. 


When starting to research the region, the founders discovered that limited accurate information was available online concerning the laws of the Caribbean. Many states rely on paper-based formats to disseminate and provide information, and use this format to inform concerned parties of amendments to the laws. This leaves those unrelated to the region or an institution within it in a very difficult position with regards accessing information. Where legislation and information was available online, it would often be out-of-date or incorrect, or would rely on the researcher searching numerous NGO and Government websites.


Further, the Caribbean is a vastly under-researched region, and DSG Caribbean believe that this is due in part to the lack of available resources to interested persons. This lack of available research, along with difficulties accessing information, add to the lack of resources from which persons can pool information.

It is from this experience and exposure that the decision was made to both consolidate information and provide legal research services to assist those who are interested in the Caribbean. The region will benefit greatly from increased legal research, which will help to shape and mould the future of the Caribbean.




During her 8 years of research work, Jill has undertaken projects varying in size, scope, complexity and form, ranging from black letter law analysis to interviews to expert opinion writing. Jill has completed various courses to ensure research is carried out effectively- Such courses have included ethical data collection and management, core library research skills and report writing.

Topics researched have included commercial law, family law, financial offences, gender-based violence and sexual offences. Jill enjoys exposure to new areas of law and procedure, and embraces learning diverse and complex topics. Such diversity of topics is demonstrated through recent work, which has included the ICANN dispute resolution procedure and laws of bribery.

Having worked as both a Research Assistant and a Research Fellow, Jill is confident in her ability to turn her skill set to any and all research tasks required.


LL.B (Hons) – University of Buckingham

LL.M (International and Commercial Law) – University of Buckingham

PGDip BVC – Bristol Institute of Legal Practice

PGCert CUTL – University of the West Indies, Cave Hill   

PhD (candidate) – University of Sussex



Tom has significant experience in the practical application of the law, and has embraced this skill through numerous projects over his nine year career. One of Tom’s areas of expertise is concerned with the establishment and development of companies in the Caribbean, ensuring regulatory and financial compliance from incorporation throughout the life of the company.

Tom has provided advice, reports and expert opinions on various topics, including several areas of criminal law, domain name registration, director’s duties, property law and the law of contract.

Tom enjoys the practical application of the law, and is skilled in dissecting the law and presenting his findings in a manageable form. This skill has been utilised and exploited throughout his time in both the Caribbean and the UK.


BSc – Bristol University 

LL.B – University of Buckingham

LL.M (International and Commercial Law) – University of Buckingham

PGDip BVC – Bristol Institute of Legal Practice

PGCert CUTL – University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus 


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