Due to the lack of a fully digitalised repository for Caribbean legislation, the acquisition of legislation can be a long and difficult process. The first step is often the consultation of an alphabetised Consolidated Index for the relevant year and manually searching for the Act or Secondary Legislation required. DSG Caribbean has access to all Consolidated Indexes for the Caribbean region, and the subsequent legislation. Should clients be unaware of the legislation which they require, DSG Caribbean is able to carry out statutory research on the client's behalf to ascertain the correct legislation. Legislation can be delivered as a soft copy and/or a hard copy, at the client’s request. DSG Caribbean are also able to provide copies of the Consolidated Indexes, however they are only available as hard copies at present.


DSG Caribbean offer in-depth and detailed research into areas of law pertinent to the Caribbean region. The majority of research carried out by DSG Caribbean is conducted in-house, as we have many years of experience researching a variety of areas of law, from Torts to Criminal and Family to Contract. Research can be provided to the client in the form of raw data or as a compiled report, with or without analysis. Depending on the complexity of the research and the subject matter, further consultants can be appointed by DSG Caribbean to assist should this be necessary and the client wish. Reports do not have a minimum length requirement, however should clients require a word-limit be imposed, DSG Caribbean will work to the limit required.


DSG Caribbean has extensive experience in drafting legal opinions, and its founders are both qualified Barristers, called to the Bar of England and Wales. Expert opinions are traditionally longer in length and more complex, so would therefore command a higher fee than report drafting. Should a member of DSG Caribbean be required to defend their evidence in court, this service is available, however a fee would need to be negotiated depending on the individual circumstances of the case. 

DSG Caribbean has access to the most up-to-date repository of Caribbean case authorities, and is able to search by year, jurisdiction, topic or case name. In addition to providing the full judgement, DSG Caribbean offer services including case notes, case briefs and critical reports on cases. Case authorities can be delivered as a soft copy and/or a hard copy, at the client’s request.


DSG Caribbean have completed numerous surveys and data collection exercises for a variety of international and Caribbean organisations. This experience has been across topics such as domestic violence, homosexuality in the Caribbean, homicide in Barbados and the wider Caribbean, data protection and ADR, and extends to both qualitative and quantative data. We are happy to accommodate individual needs, and have historically worked with both data collection on pre-determined surveys and the creation and completion of surveys. Methods of data collection include, but are not limited to, the use of telephone surveys, interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, observations and document analysis. We are available to advise on data collection content, length, questions, form, style and any other queries which you may have in order to ensure that a sound, accurate and balanced set of data is collected.




DSG Caribbean have significant experience in data analysis, and services include dissecting and presenting numerical data in pictorial form, critical investigation of statistics in report form, analysis of survey answers where questions have been open-ended and comparative work across jurisdictions of legislation content. Data analysis can be provided in numerous forms depending on the needs of the client, and we are happy to discuss the options available.

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